Lords' Catering - archipelago dining

Our catering is well-known for its quality.
We can provide catering in all of our locations.
The meals are always prepared on-site by our chef.
Our speciality is the possibility to enjoy the fish you caught yourselves!
Prices without taxes.


Archipelago Buffet 39,-

Archipelago Starter
Potato and Salad
Slow cooked roast
House Bread and Butter
Berry Pie, Vanilla Sauce and Coffee or Tea

Cross Kitchen BBQ 45,-

Potato Salad a la Spanish Countryside
Red Pesto Marinated Cheese
Verde Salad with Roasted Seeds
Lime and Herb marinated Breast of Chicken
Roasted Pork BBQ
Teriyaki Salmon
Tzatziki / Chili mayonnaise / Vinaigrette au Herbs
House Bread and Churned Butter
Berry Pie, Vanilla Sauce and Coffee or Tea

Menu Finlandia 65,-

Cappuccino of Forrest Mushrooms
Goat Cheese Toast
Norrby Manor wild pheasant:
-    Lightly roasted breast of pheasant, sky-sauce and puree of parsnip
Moist chocolate cake and Wild berry Melba

Lord’s fish 65,-

Cappuccino of Forrest Mushrooms
Ballotine of Salmon
Best of Season: Fish and side dishes a la Fishing Lords
Moist chocolate cake and Wild berry Melba

Lunches 18,-

Salmon Soup, Rye Bread
Reindeer Stew, Lingonberry, Mashed Potatoes
Curry Chicken Thailand, Yasminerice
Hungarian Goulash Soup, Bread
Prepared on-site by our chefs

Small Snacks

Coffee with sweet or salty bits 6,-

Cinnamon Bun or Filled Rolls or French Pastry

Sauna Snack 6,-

Mixed Nuts, Marinated Garlic, Pickles, Smetana and Honey

Night Snack 11,-

Something to cure the little hunger during the night, i.e. Bratwurst, Potato Salad, Bread

Breakfast ingredients waiting in the fridge 13,-

all you need for a good start for the day


We charge a catering and personell fee for lunches and dinners of 185,- euro per day. We reserve the rights to changes in the menu due to availability of ingredients. Allergies and other dietary limitations will be taken into consideration. These need to be informed no later than five working days before the event. All dishes are low lactose. We use fresh and local ingredients that contain no additives whenever possible. Minimum group size is five persons. Smaller groups are welcome but will be invoiced according to five persons. Changes to menu and other requests are of course possible – please contact us for further information! Please do note that our pheasant is hunted pheasant and even we inspect every fillet thoroughly there is a chance of shots still remaining.