Ice fishing safari

1-6 persons 564 €
Extra person 105 €
For big groups, please contact us for offer.

The Gulf of Finland and lakes around Helsinki area get ice cover normally around new year time. We take our guests only to safe areas with no danger of thin ice.

The ice fishing locations are located near Helsinki region. Target species in both sea and lakes are perch and various other small fish. We also have a private fishing pond where you can catch rainbow trouts and trouts in good size. Our guides will teach you ice fishing techniques and help you throughout your fishing trip. During the day we will have a coffeebreak by an open fire. Your day's catch can be hot smoked on site, if you wish.

After the ice fishing safari you have the option for visiting sauna and also swimming in the hole of the ice (Finnish speciality, extremely exotic and relaxing…)

Package Includes (2-4 h):
Fishing licenses and rental fishing equipment, warm floating suits, fishing guide services, coffee, tea and snacks.

Trip start locations:
Porvoo, Espoo, Pernaja, Helsinki, Inkoo, Loviisa and Tammisaari.

Use your regular outdoor clothing. We will give everyone rubber boots, floating suits and also warm hats and gloves, if needed.

With additional fee:
Transportation, accomodation, sauna and catering services.

Fishing seasons:

More info here or call us!

Good to know about our fishing trips

No previous experience in fishing is needed.

Warm clothing is included in the fishing trip if needed.

Our fishing guides are nearly every day out on the waters. They are up to date where the fish is.

Our customers are insured during the fishing trip. Our guides have all required licenses and certifications and are all professionally trained.

Kalastusmatkojen lähtöpaikkoja merelle

Näytä Fishing Lords Kalastusmatkojen lähtöpaikkoja suuremmalla kartalla

Lähde kalastamaan!

- All of our fishing guides are active fishermen themselves and have vast knowledge in a good number of different fishing techniques. You'll learn something new on every trip and this helps you catch even more and bigger fish in the future!

- Check out some of our latest catches here.

- If not all in your group are interested in fishing, we can of course arrange something else for them - how about a mushroom trip into the forest or maybe an archipelago cruise?

- Learn how to clean and prepare the fish. Our guides could e.g. show you how to fillet a pike.