Mushroom trips

1-15 persons, 710 €
over 15 persons, 47 eur / person

A mushroom trip into the autumn forest is perfect for the corporate retreat as well as a family trip. Our professional guides will guide you into the secrets of the forest and help you pick the best mushrooms. We will end the trip with cleaning the mushrooms and of course a pointer or two of how to utilize the forest bounty in the kitchen.

The mushroom trip is well suitable for larger groups as a part of a multi event program or just by its own. Many groups choose this alongside a fishing trip, some go fishing and some go mushrooming. And what could be better than enjoy your dinner with fresh fish and mushrooms - all caught and picked by yourselves! Here in the Porvoo region is one of our most popular locations for mushrooms with sauna and all the rest.

For your comfort bring your own outdoors clothing. If needed we can of course provide rain gear and rain boots.

Places of departure:
Porvoo, Rönnäs, Haikko, Tammisaari, Nuuksio and Espoo. For other places, please ask - we can probably do it!

August -October.