Our partners

Very nice shad lures for pike! Svartzonker lures are from Sweden and those are popular soft lures in Finland. A lot of +10 kg pikes are caught with Svartzonker McRubbers!

Kuusamon Uistin is Finlands largest manufacturer of metallic spoons. During our fishing guiding trips two models truly stand out: Räsänen and Professori. Many guides consider the 90mm version, we call it the seasize, of the Räsäsnen to be one of the best lures to use. Even if you are a newcomer to fishing you will be catching fish with this lure in no time. And seasoned veterans do use this as well... We fish mostly for pike with this lure but occasionally a big perch will bite as well. You can fish it fast or slow so it is a true year round lure. Green colors work well, especially perch colors. While fishing sea trout we use among others Kuusamo Kruunu and Taimen.

Haikon Kartano in Porvoo is our partner that can provide high level accommodation and wine and dine. Our boats can moor at the Haikko Kartano pier. In Haikko you can enjoy a nice sauna or use the spa facilities. Besides fishing we arrange a number of events both outdoors and indoor. Outdoors the beautiful park and surrounding nature provides the perfect settings for an outdoor event and inside especially our poker program is perfect. Haikko is a very nice place for a conference or corporate retreat - please contact us or Haikko for more info!

We have several Mercury outboard engines, e.g. Verado 150. We appreciate the smooth power and ease of use that Mercury engines deliver. Even with a fully loaded boat the going is smooth. Throttle control is done electrically instead of traditional methods - boat control is easier.

Finlandia Uistin classic Nils Master and Bete lures are often found at the end of the lines of our customers. Especially Bete Krokodil and Turku Spoon lures are preferred by our guides. In the summer of 2011 one of our customers caught one of the biggest perch we caught with a Bete Krokodil spoon - the perch weighed more than 1300 gr. Turku Spoon lure has saved more than one fishing trip, especially during the summer months although it produces fish all year round. Colors that work well are usually natural versions, green and blue variations. Nils Master lures are legendary as well. Dart Master jerkbaits have a place in most guides tackle bags equally, they are easy to use.

Tackle shop Wobbleri in Helsinki provides their excellent services to us as well. Their speciality - but not limited to - is pike fishing on the sea and this suit us well as that what we do mostly. Here you can find what's new and hot in the genre of pike fishing as well as perhaps a fishing story or two. At least some of our guides do spend some time there, even without always buying something...

We use mostly Silver Eagle aluminium boats - durable boats with good and safe attributes for the sea are the main points for us. One Eagle can accommodate up to five fishermen and one guide. The inside of the boats are made of glass fibre and planned for fishing use. We have quite a bit of gear and equipment, everything from safety and fishing to catering need to be brought along but the boats have good storage for all this.

Wake is a Finnish brand, stocking among other things e.g. jig fishing gear. We use e.g. Wake jigs for perch and pikeperch. Wake is well known among the active jig fishermen. Wake also stocks tackle bags and other equipment, well used on the seas. One speciality that requires a mention is the Finnish design and Finnish product, the Jig-Wobbler lure. A unique concept combining the jig and the wobbler. These can be seen in the guides tackle bags as well. Maybe this one will be the one you use on the next trip?