Rönnäs - archipelago scenery 75 km from Helsinki

Rönnäs is just around an hour drive away from Helsinki. The area is perfect for the active outdoor person with plenty of activities to chosen from. Rönnäs is best known for its golf course at the sea. But there is more to Rönnäs than a golf course, the archipelago and nature makes this the perfect spot for nature trips or fishing. The area provides high quality cottages for accommodation.

Fishing Lords offers accommodation, fishing trips and other activities and of course not forgetting our gourmet level catering. For the independent traveller the surrounding area and Porvoo region offers much to see and experience. During summertime the Archipelago Museum (Saaristomuseo) can be recommended and it is conveniently located close to the cottages. Or just walk around and enjoy the nature and scenery – the winding roads are quite suitable for biking. On a summer Saturday why not bike to Härkäpää village and its summer market, have a nice cup of coffee and check out what the locals have to offer?

The archipelago is full of rugged rock formations as well as reed beds. The sea area next to the cottages is called Pernajanlahti, well know among fishermen as an excellent fishing area. If you choose, you can hire a fishing guide and get even more enjoyment out of your day as well as perhaps a tip or two regarding fishing in general. The archipelago is also home of a diversity of bird species. Eagles are seen quite often and ospreys almost common – there are not just one but two osprey nests just a rowing distance away from the shoreline. Further away you’ll find still more osprey nests.

Hiking and sports

The surrounding area of the cottages is very nice for hiking. Picking mushrooms and forest berries is possible all around but for the best picking you better go further away – harvesting the forest is quite popular. Just move a kilometre or two towards Kabböle and you should be filling your basket in no time. Or why not hire a guide; we have professional mushroom experts available? 

The bay of Pernaja (Pernajanlahti) is full of islands, islets and rocks. There are several nice spots to visit just rowing distance away, the cottages have a rowing boat for your use. You can spend time on an island fishing or just enjoying the day. And if you have a bit of luck fishing you have the main ingredient for a soup of fish – pike and perch are the most common catches. You can also order a guided paddling trip, no previous experience is needed as our guides will take care of you and show you the easy steps to learn paddling.

With a bigger boat there are even more to see and experience in the archipelago. Just 15 min away by motorboat you’ll find beautiful sand beaches, just as nature created them. One of the best is on Våtskär island. Or maybe the Svartholma fortress island outside the city of Loviisa, just 30-40 min away by motorboat. If you do not have your own motorboat we provide cruises.


Where to go in Rönnäs?

- The Rönnäs Archipelago museum, Saaristomuseo. Located close to Meri Center and Poro cottages.

- The municipal beach, a small sand beach.

- Another small beach.

- The Golf-club. A small kiosk and cafe, they serve meals as well.

- Labby farmshop. Local organically produced foodstuff.

- Here you can find a summer market occasionally during the summer.

- Boating gas station. Open during summertime.

- Natural sand beach on the island of Våtskär.

- Härkäpää village shop.

- Summer market Saturdays in Härkäpää.

- Isnäs kiosk-cafe.

- Sports field and skating.

- Driving from Helsinki to Rönnäs is recommended via the nice Jakariroad.

- Brunberg chocolate and liquorice factory. Factory outlet.

- Malmgård cafe and manor shop.

- Koskenkylä gas station and grocery store.