Norrby Gård

Norrby is located in the countryside of Tammisaari seaside. You can easily sense the serene atmosphere of the countryside and the sea, the archipelago is close. You can actually see from the scenery that this has been the bottom of the sea in the past. There are fields and islands of forest, a lot of wildlife. It is not unheard of that you can see in the same morning a deer, some goose and an eagle. The Norrby surroundings has a healthy population of different hawks, partridges, deer and moose.

The old Norrby is represented by the Manor (Kartano) and Sjövik buildings. They are decorated with the traditional in mind but added with the requirements of the modern time, resulting in a really nice place to spend time in. The location is also suitable to the demanding conference guest, especially if you want to relax and enjoy yourselves after a tough day of conferencing.

The new Norrby is represented by the magnificent Beach sauna Rantasauna, where even 25 persons can enjoy the sauna at the same time. The stove is, well, big. It is heated over a period of a whole day, using one meter long pieces of birch wood. The scenery from the sauna is beautiful seascape. The sauna is heated by our service-minded personnel. The other building representing the new Norrby is Renkitupa, a building for festivities or conferences for groups of up to 60 persons – we have even had a group of 90 persons here. The building Renkitupa has also a popular room, the cigar-room that has an extraordinary and elegant atmosphere, where even the connoisseur will feel at home.

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Fishing, golf and nature
If you are an avid golfer, you’ll find the Eke Golf just 5 km away. For friend of fishing, the area is perfect. The fishing guides can pick you up at the Rantasauna and you’ll be fishing the archipelago in no time. Pike, pikeperch and perch are the typical species you’ll catch. The Tammisaari area is well known as one of the best areas for really big pike, every year there are several trophy pikes caught.

The archipelago is also quite suitable for paddling on the sea and different cruises. You can order a fun trip to the downtown Tammisaari, where you can visit this summer towns terraces for a cold one. Or if you are more for the pure nature why not take a trip to the outer archipelago, watching birds and the typical and beautiful island scenery. The boating season is even until December, the weather is not a problem as we have warm clothing for everyone, from head to toe. And how about a hot cup of traditional fire brew coffee at the open fire? Read more about fishing trips.

If you want to stay ashore, you can perhaps be interested in a guided biking trip or maybe picking mushrooms. We have a number of different activities to offer for groups. Teambuilding before the sauna is just about perfect for the company retreat.

Norrby in the winter
The winter is truly beautiful in Norrby, be it just a little snow or pile high. When the amount of snow is good, the white scenery just calls for a snow shoe trip. Your guide will walk you into the winter forest, maybe in the dark, just using head mounted flashlights – that is something to experience especially if you are a first time Finland visitor.

Norrby is also an excellent location for a winter holiday or vacation, especially Christmas is the perfect time to spend here. You are just app. an hour away from Helsinki but still in the middle of a beautiful rural environment.