Seatrout fishing from the shore

123 eur / person incl. vat. minimum fee 492 eur

The sea trout is one of the most desirable catches. It is often a quite elusive prey. But when you get a nice one on the end of your line you are in for a treat as it is an excellent fighter - you might have a memory to cherish for the rest of your life! The best time to catch sea trout is the spring and the fall, but if the ice is not in the way the season is almost the whole year. During cold water the sea trout can often be found in shallow waters, a nice bottom type with a couple of rocks breaking the surface could be just the spot.

Especially in the spring shallow bays where the water temperature is slightly above the surrounding waters can be good. An ideal water temp is around 8 degrees Celsius and a light mist and clouds as weather is preferable. In fall there is a saying that the first snow brings the trout shallow. A couple of days with westward winds can also be productive.

The fishing is fly fishing or spinning according to your preference. Both are equally good. Fly fishing however requires some previous experience so we recommend spinning gear if you have not fly fishing experience.

Flies that can be good are minnow imitating ones, as well as different shrimp imitations. As for fly fishing gear we recommend class 7-8 and length around 8-9 feet. A reel for sea water is recommended as we fish in brackish waters. The line could be WF or shootinghead lines, depending on the weather and spot sinking, intermediate, hover or even floating. Waders and wading shoes, waterproof jacket and warm clothing beneath. Don't forget hats and gloves.