Shore side sauna 90 m2

The apartment has a living room sofa and an armchair group, flat screen TV/DVD and a radio/CD player. The big windows are facing the sea and there is a soapstone fireplace. The living room also has a 12-person dining table. This cabin has a separate small kitchen.

The beds are on the loft floor, six beds close to each other.

The cabin has a spacious sauna with a sea view and a bathroom with three showers. Adjacent to the sauna is a small roofed terrace. A path leads from the terrace down to the pier. Here you can go for a swim in the sea. The cabin has a separate toilet. Adjacent to the living room is a roofed terrace facing the sea. There is also a non-roofed but paved area with patio furniture and charcoal grill.


Stove/oven, microwave oven, dishwasher, fridge-freezer, coffeemaker, electric water boiler and toaster. Dinner set for 12 people. Dinner plates, deep plates, bread plates, coffee cups, tee/cocoa mugs, dessert bowls, serving dishes, ovenware, 3 pots and a pan, cutlery, serving equipment, cutting knives, salad servers, etc. Drinking glasses, wine glasses, cognac glasses, shot glasses. Other kitchen equipment as well.

Villa standard conference equipment: screen, and flip chart. The villa has broadband, WLAN connection. Flat screen TV/DVD and Radio/CD player.


- Hairdryer

- A fireplace (firewood included in the price and to be found in the stowage on the terrace)

- A rowboat on hand (included in the price)

- The cabin is located right on the sea shore and has a barbeque shelter and a pier. The shore is in common use

- The cabin has a sea view

- The cabin is always equipped with toilet paper and paper towels and cleaning equipment

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