Spin fishing for pikeperch and perch

1-5 persons 963€
6-10 persons 1926€
For bigger groups, please contact us. Fishing licenses sold separately (18 € per person)

Jigging trips takes you to famous fishing grounds where our experienced guides anchor the boat precisely on the best spot. They will instruct you about thecniques and best lures to use. Please pay attention to your guide because there are a couple of basic rules you need to follow in order to catch the fish. You are targeting the sides of shallow reefs or submerged hills in deeper waters. As the fish schools are in a constant movement, you need to go after them and it might take a couple of tries until rods start bending. Your advantage is that our guides are tracking fish movements all season long thus being able to lead you to the most promising areas in any given day.

Jigging for pikeperch is at its best during May and June but you may catch pikeperch also in the fall. September and October is excellent time for jiggimg perch because at that time perch form large feeding schools while getting ready for the cold wintertime.

Package includes (4-6 h):
Guide services and rental fishing equipment, warm floating suits, coffee, tea and snacks.

Trip start locations:
Porvoo, Pernaja, Helsinki, Kotka, Inkoo, Kemiö, Loviisa and Tammisaari.

Use your regular outdoor clothing. We will give everyone rubber boots, floating suits and also warm hats and gloves, if needed.

Fishing seasons:
Perch: 1.6.-15.12., Pikeperch: 1.6.-15.8.

Good to know about our fishing trips

No previous experience in fishing is needed.

Warm clothing is included in the fishing trip if needed.

Our fishing guides are nearly every day out on the waters. They are up to date where the fish is.

Our customers are insured during the fishing trip. Our guides have all required licenses and certifications and are all professionally trained.

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- All of our fishing guides are active fishermen themselves and have vast knowledge in a good number of different fishing techniques. You'll learn something new on every trip and this helps you catch even more and bigger fish in the future!

- Check out some of our latest catches here.

- If not all in your group are interested in fishing, we can of course arrange something else for them - how about a mushroom trip into the forest or maybe an archipelago cruise?

- Learn how to clean and prepare the fish. Our guides could e.g. show you how to fillet a pike.