Frequently asked questions

Do you provide other accommodation besides those that are on your webpages?
On our webpages we provide our most popular options. We do offer a number of different options through our network of partners. Please let us know where you would like to fish!

Do we need fishing licenses?
Yes, fishing licenses are needed. If you do not have fishing licenses of your own, we will provide you with licenses.

What if there is rain or windy weather?
In case of rain we provide you with rain gear. If the weather is on the chilly side we provide you with warm overalls. We have also boots, hats and gloves. You can naturally bring your own clothing if you prefer! Your guide will keep the wind in mind while planning the day for you and choose routes and fishing spots that are both safe and comfortable enough. We do fish in the archipelago so wind is very rarely stopping us from fishing. Did you know by the way that "bad weather provides good fishing"?

Where will the guide meet the group?
If you have a cottage booked we usually pick you up at the cottage. In other cases we will provide you with at least the address of the departure harbor - we also provide you with driving instructions if needed. We also provide you with the guide telephone number and thus the guide can assist you as well. If you are on a conference at the sea, we usually pick you up at the conference location.

How about alcoholic beverages during the fishing?
We do not recommend drinking alcohol during the fishing trip. During the picnic lunch you may if you like enjoy e.g. a beer.

What kind of fishing would suit new comers to fishing and what kind would suit more experienced fishermen?
For the less experienced all basic spinning is suitable. Our guides will pick the target depending on the season and naturally the guide will instruct and aid you throughout the day - no previous experience at all is needed. Our guides are excellent teachers! For more experienced fishermen we can target the more elusive species, e.g. sea trout and of course special fishing techniques can be used, be it fly fishing, jerk-bait fishing or something else. Please ask us for options for your trip, we are all very experienced fisermen as wella s professionally trained fishing guides. We have someone specialized for almost any kind of fishing.

We would like to enjoy our caught fish for dinner - can we?
Of course! If you stay at our cottages then you can utilize our gourmet level catering service and fine dine on the fish you just moments ago caught. Please ask for the option to enjoy the fish you caugth at an open fire on an island.

Is it safe on the seas during windy weather?
Our guide will choose routes and fishing spots that are safe and comfortable enough. We aim to avoid plavces where the sea is rough. In the archipelago where the islands provide cover rough seas does not arise and we are almost every time able to find calm enough spots to fish. According to our safety plan we usually do not fish if the wind exceed 17 m/s - in that case a substitute programme can be considered.

Should I reserv a trip how much in before hand?
The earlier the better of course but usually we have a guide and boat available even on very short notice - tomorrow is rarely too soon!

Do you guides speak English? Other languages?
All our guides do speak English. Some speak Swedish, some other languages. Our office personnel speak Finnish, Swedish and English. If needed we can arrange a guide for your language or a translator. We do have also guests now and then that we have no common language with and even then communication is usually no problem. Just a couple of common words, sign etc will do the trick. We get often the question about language but it has never been a serious issue, usually someone from the group knows a word here, a word there in a common language.

We are a big group and not all of us want to go fishing - do you provide any other services?
Yes, we do offer a number of non fishing activities. Paddling or archipelago cruise are a couple of activities if you want to involve the sea. During fall a trip and pick mushrooms is great fun and a popular activity. These are naturally guided by professionals.

We have also a lot of other activities ranging from a guided poker tournament to teambuilding activities. These we have been providing for over 10 years already.

Do you guarantee that we catch fish?
There is a joke regarding this guarantee: "I guarantee that if we don't get fish today then perhaps the next time." The fact is that we very rarely catch any fish at all - our guides take it as their personal task to find the fish. But it wouldn't be called sportfishing without the sport part and we are dealing with nature here and you can never be certain with the fish. But bearing in mind all the knowledge and all the gear, well, the fish don't really stand a chance...

Can we go fishing from Helsinki downtown?
Of course, we can depart from the Kauppatori as an example. Give us a call and we agree on a pick up point, as long as it is next to the sea that is!

How should I dress?
The best is to wear recreational clothing according to the weather. We do provide the outer layer according to the weather if needed; in cold weather we provide a warm overall. We have boots as well but feel free to wear own shoes. The shoe that fits is usually the best.

What do we do with all the fish we get?
We strive to fish responsibly. Catch and release is the way for most of the fish. We aim to release all big fish. If you would like a fish or two for food that is of course ok but we hope that you will take only fish of suitable size - our guides will help you with this and they will also clean the fish for you.

What kind of boats do you have and how big engines?
The typical boat is app. 6.5 meters long with a 150 hp engine. We can take 5 customers in most of our boats. All boats are government inspected and according to all regulations. Safety regulations are all also fulfilled.

I want to be a fishing guide, what is needed from me?
All our guides are professionally trained. All guides are certified to transport the boats and have training that usually takes 2-3 years. The training is much more than fishing; biology, cultural aspects, fish knowledge etc. Also real life training is part of the education program.